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David Gasparyan. Historical rating

David Gasparyan. Historical rating

The graph shows David Gasparyan’s rating history vs. the World #100 (age considered) for each rating period
For example, if the player was 12 years old in July 2014 then the World #100 data point is the rating of the World #100 player under 12 years in the rating period of July 2014. So, note that the #100 data point / player is not a single player, it always is a different player of the same age (or younger) that happened to be #100 at the rating period. After age of 20 the graph shows just the World #100 regardless of age (that’s why e.g. the Top 100 rating jumps up when player turned 20). World #100 contains men and women together, and for girls/women there is a spearate evaluation and graph on thr Women World #100.
All this functionallity is still in beta – expect some minor bugs and inaccuracies until we fine tune this in the future.

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